Australia To Host First Ever Redhead Pride Rally

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Gingers, family and friends of gingers, and plain-old ginger enthusiasts, rejoice! Aussies are finally getting their very own Ginger Pride Rally to bask in the glory of our copper-haired friends.

Hosted by Buderim Ginger on April 16th at Federation Square in Melbourne from 10.30am, the public rally calls for all redheads to come together and for the first-time ever in Australia, to celebrate Ginger Pride.

The inaugural festival will see redheads take back their identity as they meet with fellow gingers and armed with flags and signs march for Ginger Pride, congratulating each other on quite literally sporting the rarest, most spectacular genes in the world.

Why? Because let’s face it, being a ginger at school wasn’t a walk in the park for anyone.

Buderim Ginger Marketing Manager Jacqui Price says, “It’s no secret that gingers are used to being teased for their flaming locks and freckles, experiencing unfair prejudice and misrepresentation since the dark ages. And it’s time we say ENOUGH!”

“Modelled on the highly successful Redhead Marches and related gatherings already happening in countries around the world, Australia will be the next to step up with its own Rally and finally celebrate the beauty of being a redhead.”

Led by distinguished copper top Michael Beveridge, the ginger-palooza will feature free ginger beer, vigorous games of ‘Ginger Beer Pong’ and live performances by local Melbourne band The Vanns.

The festival is also supported by Bully Zero Australia Foundation and The Red and Nearly Ginger Association (R.A.N.G.A), which exists as the peak special interest body for Ginger issues.

Bully Zero’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Oscar Yildiz JP, says “We’re excited to partner with Buderim Ginger to take a stand against bullying and celebrate the diversity of people that make up our community.”

“We will take a united front to shed light on the fact that bullying affects children through to adults for such trivial factors such as hair colour or freckles, and make it very clear that bullying is never OK. We hope the Ginger Pride Rally helps to foster acceptance and diversity in the community, because we should all celebrate and be proud of what makes each person an individual.”

Festival attendees will be encouraged to give a gold coin on the day, with all proceeds donated to Bully Zero. Donations can also be made via the following at any time:

In the last 74 years, Buderim Ginger has grown from a small farming community and ginger growers cooperative to one of the world’s largest suppliers of ginger. Today Buderim Ginger is known as the finest purveyor of all things ginger, producing an impressive variety of Australian favourites from its infamous ginger beer and ginger snack range to its beloved original ginger marmalade recipe.

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