Australia’s First Choc-macadamia Spread Macabella Launches Smooth Edition

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Seldom does a packaged food truly taste like heaven, but MacFarms has just launched its second spread variation Macabella Choc’Macadamia Spread in Velvet, and your morning toast is about to get a whole lot more seductive.

The delightful new spread variation comes off the back of the highly popular Macabella Crunch, which not only earned itself a loyal legion of followers, but was voted by over 14,000 Australian consumers as Product of the Year 2016 in the Spreads Category.

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And the people have spoken.

Introducing the irresistably charming cousin of Crunch, Macabella Velvet will deliver the same creamy Belgian recipe and luxurious cocoa blend. But this time your love affair will be, well, much smoother.

Launched in March 2015 and the first of its kind in Australia, Macabella is a macadamia nut infused chocolate-spread made with superior ingredients.

Not only does the texture, quality and flavour supersede other spreads available on the market, but the unique flavour of macadamias allows your taste buds to experience a true delight with one of the world’s finest nuts. Not to mention, Macabella has a higher percentage of nuts (15%) compared to all other spreads.

So, why smooth?

According to a MacFarms survey reaching over 17,000, a resounding 81% of respondents would definitely try the velvet version.

You can know look forward to drizzling your velvety Macabella (aka the Casanova of spreads) onto croissants, crepes, fruit or breakfast toast. Or simply spoon it into your mouth direct from the jar. Because, who are we to judge?

With all key ingredients sustainably sourced and guaranteed to be of premium quality, Macabella promises a luxury spread at an affordable price.

RRP $4.99

Macabella Velvet is available now from Woolworths stores nationally.

For more information visit  @macabellaspread #SpreadTheSecret

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