Health and Plant Protein cracks into a market worth its weight in gold

Macadamia Nuts
  • ASX-listed Health and Plant Protein (HPP) is among just a handful of companies to spot the upcoming boom in plant-based food alternatives
  • The Good Food Institute (GFI) estimates that plant-based products are growing at five times the rate of typical food growth in the United States
  • From beverages to dairy alternatives and even plant-based meat alternatives, the industry is booming as vegan lifestyles become more mainstream
  • While HPP is focussing on the plant-based food market as a whole, the company has also made a savvy investment in macadamia nuts
  • Macadamias are the most expensive nut in the world, and HPP helps produce a premium macadamia product through its Hawaiian subsidiary, MacFarms
  • On top of this, HPP has recently taken a controlling interest in the U.S.-based LAVVA brand alongside investment partner S2G Ventures
  • LAVVA sells plant-based yoghurt and milk alternatives and already has its products stocked in several major U.S. retailers
  • Health and Plant Protein is set to profit from an inevitable change in the foods people consume; it’s up to investors to seize the opportunity before it’s too late

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