At Heath and Plant Protein Group, we are passionate about what we do, the environment in which our trees thrive and the communities in which we live.

Water Energy


Water is the largest natural resource in the world, with the agricultural sector using up to 70% of the world’s annual water consumption, although this figure varies considerably across countries. Agriculture will be first to feel the strain as demand supersedes water capacity and production demand decreases. At Health and Plant Protein Group, we are proud to be a low water user. Our trees thrive in an all natural environment, out of land that was once lava and where the only water our trees have, is naturally derived from the land, rainfall and resulting ground water.  We understand the importance of water, so we only use it to meet food safety standards in field and processing.  


Hawaii is quickly becoming a national leader in renewable energy initiatives, as the state has mandated the use of 100% renewable energy by 2045. Alternatives are  being sought for alternatives to fossil fuels which have both an environmental and health impact. Health and Plant Protein Group only uses energy for the factory/processing for macadamias, no energy consumption is required within our orchard other than the orchard vehicles. Due to hand harvesting, our petroleum based footprint is smaller than similar Macadamia farms in Hawaii.

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